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[READ FIRST] How to write Unban request
[Image: logog.png]
If you feel the need to share the reasoning behind your actions, acknowledge your mistakes and want to apologize, your ban MAY be lifted.
Before posting an unban/unmute request, make sure that you have followed the format below and replaced necessary information in the thread title:

Thread Title: Unban/Unmute Request - YOUR NAME @(ADMIN'S NAME)
Note: Make sure to replace YOUR NAME and ADMIN'S NAME. If you do not know the admin's name use "Unknown" instead.

When were you banned/muted:
What was the reason for your ban/mute:
For how long have you been banned/muted:
Who banned/muted you:
Additional text:
 ([i]if you feel the need to add an explanation about the situation, feel free to state it here)


  • If your unban request has recently already been dealt with and was declined - you are not allowed to post another one that soon for the next few weeks. If you insist on making another unban request before at least 2 weeks passed since your last one, it will simply get deleted/closed by an admin.(Failure to comply may result in a forum-ban)
  • Do NOT reply on any of the unban requests unless you're the player that is banned.(Failure to comply may result in a forum-ban)
  • Do NOT spam, be patient! If you have more than a week waiting for a response, feel free to bump the thread or contact an admin that is head of reports.(Failure to comply may result in a forum-ban)
  • TRANSLATE all text used to English.
  • Supply as much information as you can. It can significantly speed up the process.
  • Failure to use the format we provided up above will result in your unban request being deleted.
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