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IZeuz Application
What's your name: IZeuz/Lukas
Character Name: Lyxors
Age: 26
Location: Germany

Since when are you playing GunZ?  I believe I can be a good fit for the spot, not to mention I been playing Gunz since iGunz                                                                            first opened by MAIET. Over 10 years experience on this game.

How much languages do you speak?  English, Deutsch,French and a littel bit Spanish

Have you experience of being in staff team in any other gunz private server? 
I was GM on Fgunz, UGG Gunz, Dark Gunz, and MTG Gunz, and my own Server Hellfire Gunz

How would you be useful to us? 
I'm very helpful and I have the patience and attitude, I'm very kind and get along very well with others. I'm very mature and willing to help in any way giving on this server. I can help in many different ways support / events / Anything you guys like me to do. Im very handy with great ideas!

Why do you want to be a part of our staff?
 I will give this my all, Im very trustworthy and the love I have for this game is infinite. The years and experience. I always try to give the best of me, attempt to please the people, making them feelat ease. I try to help whenever I can, listening to and worrying about their problems,and if I can, looking for solutions.
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