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Xhyrot Application.
What's your name, character name, age and location?
Name: Jose Alejandro
Char Name: Entus
Age and location: 19 - Venezuela. 

Since when are you playing GunZ? Simply tell us some parts of your GunZ career, like when and where you have started playing GunZ. 

Well gunz game about a few years ago since 2011. My first gunz was Abby in its first version since that time I have played many other more or less 20 gunz, I was staff in known gunz, I have references, among them Galaxia Gunz, Hear Gunz, Ghost Gunz, Chosik gunz, Army gunz and Shadow Gunz. And now aspiring to be staff of his new gunz which attracts a lot of attention.

How much languages do you speak? Please list them.

My language list is not very broad really, I only use Spanish to perfection and English a bit advanced enough to maintain conversation and give sustenance and support to users

Have you experience of being in staff team in any other gunz private server? If yes, please list them.
As I mentioned before I have been a staff of many gunz, but really the best known are Army, Galaxy, Ghost, Hear. Shadow and chosik

How would you be useful to us? Actually explains itself. If not, try to state your biggest traits that no one else can offer.

My support to the gunz, would make more focus in the area of graphic design, currently the gunz lacks this sustenance since their images are unattractive to the view of users, I offer images (Loadable, logins and logo, Ect) of high quality and 100% original. Apart from that very good handling of situations and support to the users that make life in the gunz.

Why do you want to be a part of our staff?

It is as simple as this. You are a community with great potential, and I would like to be a part and help you because it is something that really has high expectations that I can safely help achieve them, supporting them in all the ways that are within my reach.

without anything else to say I say goodbye and thank you for your attention. Xhyrot  Angel
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Nice app. Good luck!
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Pinned as Main Designer and Trial Game Master

Extra GunZ Management!

P.S: Please contact me at discord: FranK!#8682.
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