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Lieu's Application.
What's your name, character name, age and location? 

Hello, my name is Caesar, I am from Venezuela and I'm 20 years old.

Since when are you playing GunZ? Simply tell us some parts of your GunZ career, like when and where you have started playing GunZ.

Started playing GunZ when I was like 9yo and haven't leave it till now, servers such HG, IJJI, UGG, FG and some others. I felt in love with the game cause of the simplicity and the clean graphics, players who take part of and things alike.

Have you experience in any other gunz private server? If yes, please list them.

I've a good amount of experience in some games, including GunZ Online, Mu Online, Dota and some others MMORPG such LOA, KOC, etc.
Talking about GunZ Online, I've work with big and little servers.
AbbyG, HeroG, FreestyleG, NextG, Illusion, Dark, Etc
In some of them working as Developer, CO-Owner.

How would you be useful to us? Actually explains itself. If not, try to state your biggest traits that no one else can offer.

I'm good at: 
1.Webmaster, 2.Programming, 3.White hat, 4.Black hat, 5.Design(weak).
6.English(fluid), Spanish(native), Italian(fluid), Dutch(Weak), Portuguese(fluid)

Those points includes:
PHP, HTML, JAVA/SCRIPT, CSS, PYTHON, C, C#, C**, SQL, Any kind of DB'S, and other talents.

Also, I have a good amount of players (actives, non-actives) ready to play with me, thanks to the amazing work I've done in previous servers where i've been, they'll be happy to join me.
Actually have more than 10 hours free to be in-game and work in.

Why do you want to be a part of our development team?

I have to acknowledge that this server has future, a good international server, good security and staff is what needs most of the GunZ players, basing this in previous experiences and for what 've heard from them. I know what they want, know how to help them to get it fast, and that's nothing else than what I mention before, Security, Good Staff, Variety(Events and stuff in-game), I'm good making events, giving support and bringing all what I mention before to the game. Have more than 15 new ideas for events and I'm sure it will increase with time. This server has future and that's mostly the reason why i want to be here..

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Pinned as Forum Moderator and Game Master

Extra GunZ Management!

P.S: That's the kind of players I'm looking for being in our Staff Team. Keep it up!
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Congrats man!
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