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Kamikaze_GZP Application!
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Name: Peter.
Character Name: King.
Age: 27 Years old.
Location: The Netherlands.

Since when are you playing GunZ?


2005-2006: iGunZ.
2006-2010: IJJI GunZ.
2010-2011: Aeria GunZ.
2011-2014: Recently joined servers: Quality GunZ, Artic GunZ, Universe Gamers GunZ, Abby GunZ.
2014-2019: Freestyle GunZ, GunZ The Last Duel, Dark GunZ, Israel GunZ.

How much languages do you speak?


Have you experience of being in staff team in any other gunz private server? If yes, please list them.

Some unknown servers.

How would you be useful to us?

I've been in a GunZ staff having experience in years tho.

I got experience with 3rd Party Software, I know how it looks like in game.
Like: UC, OC, SB, ESP, Aimfix and Godmode.

While I was in the staff team 6 months ago, I only did reports.

I never did false reports, I always communicate with any other GM
when I'm not sure when a player is hacking.

This is also very important in a staff team in my eyes,
If you can't work with other GM's you don't fit in a staff team.
Its all about teamwork, without teamwork you won't be able to satisfied the players.
Eventually the server has to close because of inactivity...

I'm playing GunZ now for 14 years, I know what the community wants.
I will always search for improvements, Server related and Community related.

I can help the community with network related stuff. Such as NAt problems.
I know the best way to improve your FPS in-game. I can help people with building a PC.
Related to CPU, RAM and Graphic card I can help everyone.

Why do you want to be a part of our staff?

Extra GunZ has one of the best anti-lead system at the moment.
I love playing anti-lead, I'm always searching for the best anti-lead system.
And I'm glad I've found EXTRA!

I play this server with few of my frends, and more are coming soon.

I love the community this server, it has a good population of mature people around.
There's no ego related stuff on this server, And the last time I saw that was at IJJI GunZ/IG...

At last I'm open for anything!

Thank you for giving people as me a chance to apply.
[Image: LfLEgqX.png]                                      
Thanks given by: IZeuz

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