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Extra GunZ Update: Anime Avatars, New Fixes and more!
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[Image: logog.png]

Hey guys,

We worked hard this month to fix the crashes and bugs. and finally we can say that we fixed 90% from the crashes.
Also now when a player kills you, then you will see his HP/AP in chat.

Please private message me any bugs and I will try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
If you want to suggest a new map in-game feel free to pm me as well.


New Avatars:

[Image: SonGoku.bmp][Image: RoronoaZoro.bmp][Image: Ichigo.bmp][Image: kenpachi.bmp][Image: sakura.bmp][Image: Yoruichi.bmp][Image: Hinata.bmp][Image: Gintama.bmp][Image: Neptunia.bmp][Image: Nanoha.bmp]
[Image: Temari.bmp][Image: Tatsuya.bmp]

Extra GunZ Management.

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