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Venezolanit0's Application
                                        What's your name, character name, age and location?

                                                Hello, I'm Raynder , IGN: Venezolanit0 and I'm 19 years old

Since when are you playing GunZ? Simply tell us some parts of your GunZ career, like when and where you have started playing GunZ.

                                    I've been playing GunZ for like 4 years and a half, first sv I was in was Herogamers

                                                 How much languages do you speak? Please list them.

                                                                          English and Spanish

              Have you experience of being in staff team in any other gunz private server? If yes, please list them.

                                                                  Brendy Gunz: Administrator
                                                                  Drack Gunz: GameMaster
                                                                  Zargor Gunz: GameMaster
                                                                  Ghost Gunz: Dev

How would you be useful to us? Actually explains itself. If not, try to state your biggest traits that no one else can offer.

I'm very active, 24/7, I'm good making events and I can be completely into the server, talking about support, help to new users, etc

                                                          Why do you want to be a part of our staff?

I really like this server , and I notice we need help to keep growing, that's why I'm doing this app. I feel enough to bring more players to the server and make it grow.

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