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Make a post about Extra Gunz at facebook and get cash!
[Image: logog.png]
Hey guys,

I know you want to reach cash for free. then just follow the steps below and get 50 cash Smile
The only things that you should have is: FaceBook Account and Brain.
You must to have more than 50 friends in your facebook account and if not then post it at random GunZ Group Pages

1. Make a post at facebook
2. Copy this to the post:

ExtraGunZ - Anti-Lead | Anti-Hack | GunZ 1.5 | 
Our discord server:
Create a character and you'll get few donation items at Storage!

3. Post it
4. Take a screenshot and upload it here as a comment.

If you have any problems feel free to send message to me or to Sathiel.
Extra GunZ Management!

P.S: You can upload the screenshot to this site:
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Byy DreamBlue

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IGN: Sirenic^1
[Image: 8GJl5Xl.png]

IGN: Sirenic^1
Clan: Odysseus
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IGN: ^9Tomer^1
[Image: giphy.gif]

IGNs: ^9Tomer^1, ^9Tomas^CEdison & Tomer
Clans: Odysseus, wetdream & Believe
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ur mother
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