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Forums Event
You Hello ExtraGunZ community! Today I will be hosting a forums event! To generate more of a player base we need events In-Game AND on Forums.

Even Type: Best outfit/ screenshot

Mission: Take a screenshot of your player In-Game with your best gear and weapons! After that then reply to the topic with your picture! The winners will get;

1st place - 75 cash
2nd place - 50 cash
3rd place - 25 cash


- Only 1 submission per account.
- Do not spam on any parts of the Forums/ Ingame/ Discord.
- Do not send picture in any other section of the forums.
- Most of all HAVE FUN WITH IT!

End date: July 1st 2019
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Thank you for hosting this kind of events!
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IGN: Sathiel

Fresh style, a little bit of Gucci & Prada
Letting you know she's the queen and won't fear you.

[Image: ieh1md.jpg][Image: 2nr0ytt.jpg]
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Haha that’s a good one man, let’s see if anyone else has what it takes to compete!?
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Usuario: Dreamblue

Estilo arcoiris

Tema de Luis Fonsi: Despacito.
Paso a paso, suave suave, vamos a pegarnos un poco
Y esa belleza es un rompecabezas, pero pa para montarlo aquí tengo la pieza.

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[Image: OHUd229.png] [Image: hFMvhkf.png]

Hell yeah.
Good luck to everyone.
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The winners for the best screenshot/ gear contest goes. Toooo;

1st - @Sathiel
2nd - @dreamblue
3rd - @Yair

More wonderful event will be happening on these forums! So make sure you check them out!
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OhBig Grin Nice, I feel like walking in the Oscar's red carpet
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