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Moh Application.
What's your name, character name, age and location?

Mohamed, I’m 18 years old, I’m from UAE - Dubai. My character name is Polar.

Since when are you playing GunZ? Simply tell us some parts of your GunZ career, like when and where you have started playing GunZ.

I start playing GunZ since 2009, I know about all of the core activities of a GM. I can handle hackers and doing well in reports. I came to ExtraGunZ untill now 3 years in ExTraGunZ. And I was ex staff here. As Frank know. I wont tell other GunZ names so it will be as a advisor. 

How much languages do you speak? Please list them.

I speak English and Arabic. 

Have you experience of being in staff team in any other gunz private server? If yes, please list them.

Yes, I have experience with use cp, I have experience with how to handle the sever if there is any problems , helping players. Doing some works.
I have been helping the players ingame.

How would you be useful to us? Actually explains itself. If not, try to state your biggest traits that no one else can offer.

I was ex staff I want to be back to my position lets grow up back again. I can show you how my work does it work.

Why do you want to be a part of our staff?
ExtraGunZ is growing up we should protect our server and growing it more up. I want to be staff to help the players and helping the staff with some reports and work.

Thank you for reading & I wish I’m getting back to our staff team.

I wanna add something so you guys can focus at it - I was staff in ExTraGunZ , I know how to handle all the cp and I know how to work ingame because it was my job before - Have a good time & Good luck to all who's app.
Dear @Moh, thanks for your interest in joining us.

By our new set of rules, I must decline your application. The reason might be one of the following:

• Inactive
• Lack of effort

Feel free to send private message to me at discord.

Extra GunZ Management.

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