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Shrine's Application
What's your name, age and location? 
Hello, my name is Shrine and I'm 23 from New York, USA.

How much experience do you have with GunZ? 
I've been playing GunZ for about 14 years now. I've played just about every official/private server made *big or small community alike*, shrine is usually my ign (also my ign here!). At this point I've been playing GunZ for more than half my life. 

How much languages do you speak?
English only ;0

Do you have any experience working as GunZ Staff?
Not much experience being staff (Mostly GFX ie, loading screens, menus, buttons, etc) in other servers but, those who know me would tell you I'm a fair, honest, and unbiased person. That being said, I do have experience using admin/staff CP and I was GM on Trinity GunZ under Casanova. 

How would you be useful to us?
The biggest assets I can bring to this server is a great sense of organization, excellent teamwork, and constant interaction with both staff and the GunZ community as a WHOLE. My extensive knowledge of the game paired with experiencing the rise and fall of many servers throughout the years; I can say I know what it takes for a server to capture the heart of the GunZ community and that is what I would try to achieve with you.

Working with me you get pure professionalism. No compensations.

Why do you want to be a part of our staff?

You guys are hosting a great server, and I aim to make it greater.
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Great application.
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Pinned as Trial Game Master & Designer.

Extra GunZ Management!
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