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Extra GunZ Update: CW VoteMap, Custom Quests and more!
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[Image: logog.png]
Hello everyone and welcome to this thread.
In this thread I will present you the new things we added.
Lets start!


1) Fixed clan close from right click on your character name.
2) Fixed crash in shop.
3) Fixed 999 PING in clan wars.


1) Added new Loading screen!
2) Added new quests! ( )
3) Added --LVL for staff team.
4) Added new icons for staff
5) Added option to check profile of players. (JUST RIGHT CLICK ON CHARACTERS)

Clan Addons:

1) Added option to reset clan score. (JUST RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR CHARACTER NAME)
2) Added option to close/open clan inventions.
3) Added option to go duel when you up clan war.
4) Added vote map for clan wars.

[Image: New-Bitmap-Image.png]

Soon will be more updates and fixes, at the next weekend.
Extra GunZ Management.
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