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Strike's Application
What's your name, character name, age and location?

My Name : Mahmoud ----- Character name : [ADV]_Strike ----- Age : 17 ------ Location Israel ( Nazareth )

Since when are you playing GunZ? Simply tell us some parts of your GunZ career, like when and where you have started playing GunZ.

I play GunZ since a year or a bit more ago. I started playing on UniverseGamers ( UGG ), i also on diffrent servers like UperGunZ / UltimateGunZ / 2itGunZ / MTG GunZ.....

Have you experience in any other gunz private server? If yes, please list them.

Yeah i have experience from UperGunZ i was a staff there. have started too much events of dash / maps... Hide&Seek etc....

How would you be useful to us? Actually explains itself. If not, try to state your biggest traits that no one else can offer.

I usually help with advertises and things like that. Making videos for youtube and advertising on Social sites. i can even train and help people ingame using my experience at this kind of skills.

Why do you want to be a part of our staff?

I would like to be a part of staff because i like helping with everything and usually people doesn't listen to a normal player. So when they look at me in a staff way they would actully let me help them with anything whatever it was.

Special Thanks for the owner. Frank Angel Rolleyes
Dear @Strike thanks for your interest in joining us.

By our new set of rules, I must decline your application. The reason might be one of the following:

• Inactive
• Lack of Effort

Feel free to send private message to me at discord.

Extra GunZ Management.
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