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Extra GunZ Update: 22/04/2019
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[Image: logog.png]
Hello everyone and welcome to this thread.
In this thread I will present you the new things we added.
Lets start!


1) Fixed unlimited price in donor shop.
2) Changed prices of donation items.


1) Added option to turn on/off the radio chat. (Options >>> Extra >>> Part 2)
2) Added option to change the key of the radio chat. (Options >>> Keyboard >>> Action 3)
3) Added new nostalgic songs.
4) Added new donor items.

Clan Addons:

1) Added option to lock/unlock your clan channel
2) Added option to pause the clan war for 1 min. (Type /vote pause) *EVERY MEMBER IN CLAN WAR HAS 1 TIME TO PAUSE* To resume the game (Type /resume)
3) Each 100 points from the clan war, You get new icon for your character.
4) Option to give permission for everyone/no-one/admins to up clan wars. (Type /cw enable/disable/admins)

Soon will be more updates and fixes, at the next weekend.
Extra GunZ Management.

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