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TS- YajdroL
TS -YajdroL
*Full Name (First Middle Last): Jay Lazarito Pedradoja
*Nick Name: jay
*Languages: Tagalog/English
*Address: Quezon City
Telephone Number:nope
Mobile Number:09971704701

*Character Name you always use: ^gHa^tdes^r

*Email Address: [email protected]
*Facebook Profile URL:
MSN / YM:[email protected]

*How would you describe yourself as a person? I am Respectful, Helpful and Honest Person.

*What can you do for this server? I will bring my unique vision to your server and invite more players .

*What experience do you have that would help you? Well in being a staff members i dont have experienced but if u allow me to work in your server i will give my best skills to work

*Why should we hire you? Because i would like to keep this server grow up again by inviting my friends to play and advertise this server on other page .

*What can you contribute to this server? A lot of things that i've learned to keep our server good.

*Why are you the best person for the position? Because i know this posistion i can work very well .

*How do you handle stress and pressure?I can handle Stress by playing clan war and enjoy and for is pressure i think i can handle for stay calm always to avoid pressure .

*What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make? The most difficult decisions to make is to live without parents .

*Who are the worst Staffs? Add explanations. The Worst Staff is PHkraise why because he used Uber items in TDM .

*Who are the best Staffs? Add explanations. The best staff is Mock because he give full donate to all players .

*Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? Yes i prefer to work on a team .

*Being a leader, what are the most important decisions to make? Being a leader Every decisions is important because he's the one responsible of what could be the possible outcome of the decision made.

*Ideas for this server:I can do live streams, creating unique events, make events more fun so that players won't feel bored and help those who are new to the server by teaching them on what are the thing they need to do to play this game.

*Create a Mission and Vision for Eagle GunZ.
Mission: Eagle Gunz Fly Higher .
Vision: Eagle Gunz Server to be on top1 in 2018 .

Screenshots of what you did to this server: Followed

*Provide a scan or picture copy of Birth Certificate: Followed

*Provide a scan or picture copy of present ID (front & back):Followed
Dear @jaypedradoja01 thanks for your interest in joining us.

By our new set of rules, I must decline your application. The reason might be one of the following:

• Non-format
• Advertising another servers
• Using google translate

Feel free to send private message to me at discord.

Extra GunZ Management.
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