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[TUTORIAL] Custom Crosshair
[Image: ogc2sm.png]

You want to have your own crosshair, but you don't know how to get it?
You don't have to worry about it, because I'm here to show you, how to do it.

Download your crosshairs from here.

Here is an example from the custom crosshair pack.

UNAIMED: [Image: 2rgjqc8.png]

AIMED: [Image: 15pqz55.png]

[Image: 30ixmz5.jpg] 

First at all, you need to get custom crosshair by clicking on the link above here.

[Image: 2qtjq4p.jpg] 

Now, the file "crosshair.png" will stand for unaimed crosshair and the other one
called "crosshair_pick.png" will stay for aimed crosshair,
you can also mix up your own combination.

[Image: mcqj52.jpg] 

Choose the crosshair which you want to use in-game, copy the files to this folder and be sure that they're PNG files.

[Image: 20qx5vt.png]

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[Image: hriphe.jpg]

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