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[Event] Suggestions

Hello Extra Gunz Community,

I have received a few suggestions in game about hosting specific events and decided to create this topic.

This Thread is strictly for event suggestions.
You will be able to share your ideas/thoughts on new events for the Server.
Those which are found to be reasonable and easily hosted will be tested and chosen.

Thread Format

Name/Tile of the event:
Game Mode:

Remember the max amount of event coins a player can receive is 50 event coins

Bear in mind this topic is strictly for Event Suggestions.
Spamming/Off Topic responses will be deleted.

Please do not reply/give an opinion to anyone's Suggestions.
Lastly, be creative and Have Fun !

Kind Regards,
ExtraGunZ StaffTeam

Signing of IZeuz [Image: giphy.gif]

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[Event] Suggestions - by IZeuz - 09-02-2019, 03:37 PM

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